Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why No Bio-Pic?
Stella Atrium 10/22/11

Article update:  Angelina Jolie to play Gertrude Bell.  See The Washington Times article 11/20/11.

I'm looking forward to the premiere of the bio-pic for Gertrude Bell developed by Ridley Scott. 

Ms. Bell is certainly deserving of the attention from our filmmakers who are our myth-makers.  Here's why...  Atlantic Monthly article from 2007 reviews a biography by Georgina Howell

Bell leadersThe outspoken Bell was in the middle of world events then that led to our current morass.  She spoke out in the company of Winston Churchill and was in community with many Middle Eastern leaders at a time when women were without voice in those countries. 

A critique from a stage play about Ms. Bell included this observation:

"Ms Bell meddled in Middle Eastern politics well into the modern era, playing a significant role in persuading warring Sunni and Shia tribesmen to subsume their tribal identities into the fragile, cobbled-together state of Iraq. Ultimately, Bell was disillusioned and then disconsolate to see the unraveling of her hopes, and to face the mutant harvest of her life's work. To an uncanny degree, her words echo the concerns raised since day one about the wisdom of current American military intervention in Iraq."

"Gertrude Bell describes a dawning awareness of her own and her country's naive entanglement in ages-old loyalties and blood feuds,"

Bell group

So here's my question...   What other women who impacted history deserve a bio-pic?  Who has been overlooked in your opinion? 


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to having you teach me a lot of new writing skills!


Anonymous said...

Rosalind Franklin had been overlooked for quite some time. Fortunately, she has received proper recognition for her contribution on the discovery of the helical shape of DNA.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, there are tons of women who have been overlooked because throughout history men have been dominant in society for a long time so the media focused on them. I can't think of anyone right now which makes me sad because women's accomplishments aren't known as popular as men's accomplishments like Albert Einstein and his inventions such as the light bulb.

Anonymous said...

Eleanor Roosevelt is somebody who has been overlooked for a bio-pic. She was a very complex woman, and a bio-pic would accuratly be able to showcase the different facets to her life.

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