Friday, June 28, 2013

July Release of Book III

Book III of the Dolvia Saga now available as a Kindle ebook for $6.99

See the ARC review by Rabid Readers Reviews here.

"Imagine a small planet just slightly removed from our own and accessible via wormhole with two moons and a rich savannah and a ritualistic culture and you have Dolvia.

One need not read the first two novels to appreciate the beauty and elegance of Atrium’s new world in “StrikeStone” but reading the novel certainly made this reader want to pick up the previous two."

Read the series from the beginning here:
SufferStone: Book I of the Dolvia Saga

Thanks to all who participated in July 2013 the Goodreads giveaway of SufferStone in anticipation of the new release.

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