Friday, September 20, 2013

Synopsis of new Christian Fantasy novel

For my Reddit friends: A Synopsis of The Backside of Beyond.  

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A contemporary fantasy in the vein of American Gods by Neil Gaiman and Umberto Eco’s Island of the Day Before, this sardonic story pokes fun at conceits in the Left Behind series.

A colony of long-lived aliens known as Longists is established in the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2065, just as America appears to enter End Times events. The USA has fragmented into eleven provinces. Economic tensions lead to the construction of a bisecting fence on a north-to-south borderline one state west of the Mississippi

Yolanda Santiago, a Longist who walks among us, volunteers for a brain implant program, then goes rogue with military and banking internet codes. She rejoins the colony and learns her sister Aurora is troubled by a menacing spirit. 

Danielo Manuel de Barbarossa, widely viewed as the antichrist, grabs power in independent California and then in the provinces of Mexico and the Northwest. A grassroots movement of fencewalkers led by Pastor Acher undertakes a trek to circumnavigate the fence and call attention to the need for dismantling and for reconciliation among the provinces. Aurora and friends join the fencewalkers to gain guidance from Pastor Acher about the menacing spirit.

The story’s pivotal character Abby Davies takes a position as an intern with Senator Bertol Martineau, who is Longist, but she quickly grows into an enabler for disparate groups to communicate. Only when Abby Davies and Pastor Acher join forces can healing and the defeat of princes and principalities begin. Spirits are vanquished. Barbarossa is toppled, and the fence is dismantled by local groups similar to the end of the Berlin Wall.

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Fascinating story!
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